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Men’s Skin Care

Face it, gentleman. You LOVE looking good! There’s never a day when you didn’t thank your lucky stars that the period of explosive acne is over. While the acne is over, it doesn’t …

Breakouts occur as a result of clogged pores. This can happen when overactive sebaceous glands (which are more active in men than women) produce too much sebum and clogs the hair follicle with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria which results in acne. Bacteria that builds up under the surface of the skin causes your body to naturally respond with white blood cells that leads to inflammation, worsening the acne.

Regardless of your ethnic background or skin colour, eventually most of us will struggle with some kind of brown or ashen pigmentation problems. The primary, if not exclusive, cause of these spots is sun damage.

Taking care of your skin is as important as maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Quality skin care doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming, it only requires the right products. Here are 5 easy skin care tips to leave your skin clean, smooth and younger-looking.