Paula's Choice Product Tips | Which Product Should You Use?

Paula’s Choice Product Tips

From acne to dark spots, wrinkles to pigmentation, Paula’s Choice has a wide range of products that is suitable for any skin disorder and any skin type.

In this series, learn all you need to know about the different products that we have available, how to properly use them and also what they can be used for! If you do have questions regarding any of our products, you can just leave us a message here and we answer it here.

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Paula’s Choice has never tested on animals at any stage of our product development and never will. Being a cruelty-free make and skin care brand, we also do not contact with …
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Like antioxidants in food that keep our health in tip-top shape, antioxidants in skincare products protect our skin to bring out that natural glow. Let’s dive straight in and get …
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Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize. Repeat. We’re all familiar with the basic skincare routine. However, applying only these steps may not be enough to address your specific skincare concerns. Acne, fine …
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You might be wondering: With all the different types of face masks out there, how exactly do I choose one that is good for my skin? Well… The secret is …
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There are numerous treatments under the Resist line. Firstly, it is important to note that all the products under the Resist line are specially formulated to address anti-aging concerns. The targeted treatments under the Resist line contain different active ingredients to address different signs of aging. Anti-Aging is not recommended for only a particular age-group; it is the overall targeting of the skin’s breaking down process and damage under conditions like UV, acne, and other free-radicals.
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Paula’s Choice Product Tips

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