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Begone, Neck Wrinkles

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If there’s something as predictable as the seasons and global warming, then it could be neck wrinkles.

The neck is usually not what most people will pay attention to as we tend to focus on our face – until it’s too late or until the “turtle neck” appears. Just what causes wrinkles to creep up on the neck insidiously?

Causes of Neck Wrinkles

1. Aging

Neck wrinkles are the natural consequences of aging. As we grow old, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity as the production of collagen and elastin (building blocks of skin) also decreases. Coupled with the pull of gravity, sun damage and environmental stressors such as pollution and dust, the skin is further weakened. A range of skincare issues such as wrinkles and discoloration start to become more prominent. Thinner skin around the neck starts to sag and wrinkles deepen.

2. Sun exposure

Most of us know by now how important it is to use sunscreen. We may remember to apply it on exposed skin and face, but the neck is often forgotten. This makes it easier for the sun to cause photo-aging on the unprotected neck. Harmful UV rays are able to penetrate deeper into the skin on the neck, hastening the natural aging process by dehydrating the skin and causing it to thin, become blotchy and leather-like. This causes the skin around the neck to lose its elasticity much faster than that on the face (where we remember to apply sunscreen).

Hence, this is one of the reasons why the skin around the neck tends to have it worse than the skin on the face or on other parts of the body. Worse thing is, the harmful effects of UV rays is usually not immediately visible until years later. This makes many of us neglect neck care as this part of the body seems to look all right at the moment, further delaying the care it requires.

3. Drinking and smoking

Smoking not only affects the lungs, it also speeds up the skin’s aging process. It triggers premature aging, bringing on new wrinkles earlier while deepening existing ones. Dehydration is also caused by smoking and that slows down normal cell renewal processes that is essential for keeping the skin healthy. Alcohol is another nemesis of healthy skin. It robs moisture, nutrients and a healthy supply of oxygen that healthy skin needs.

Both drinking and smoking impedes the supply of vitamin A to the skin and that in turn slows down the shedding of old skin cells and generation of new ones.These two habits also drastically disrupt the production of collagen and elastin which is essential to healthy skin. The skin around the neck is thin and delicate to begin with. When smoking and drinking adversely affects skin health, it’s inevitable that the skin around the neck suffers and displays more wrinkles and other signs of aging than skin on other parts of the body.

4. Gravity

The pull of gravity exerts its influence on our bodies every second. It pulls down the skin and affects its elasticity. The delicate skin around the neck cannot escape the pull of gravity either. It starts to become looser and sag faster, hence wrinkles show up more quickly on the neck than on the face. The effects of gravitational pull on the skin is especially prominent after the age of 50.

So, is a specialty neck cream needed?

There’s actually no need for a special cream for the neck. The neck is really an extension of the face, so whatever skin-replenishing, anti-aging skincare products or antioxidants with SPF you’re using on your face should be used on the neck as well. After all, there really isn’t much of a difference between the skin on your face and neck, except that the latter is thinner and more delicate.

3 skincare powerhouses great for your face as well as neck

1. Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster

Niacinamide is also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid. Together with the natural substances in your skin, it effectively helps to address skin issues such as enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles to skin damage caused by pollution, dust and other environmental stressors. Best thing is, it forms a protective layer on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss. Paula’s Choice RESIST 10% Niacinamide Booster contains 10% concentration of the skin-saving nutrient and a potent blend of other skin-nourishing ingredients to maintain healthy, supple skin on the face and neck.

2. Resist Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50

This is a multi-tasking daytime moisturizer as well as a sunscreen for all skin types. Its water-like lightweight formulation contains key antioxidants that target a range of skincare issues – from wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other visible signs of aging to maintain the youthful glow of the skin while protecting it from sun damage. Great as the last step in your daytime skincare routine, remember to massage it into your neck as well before you step out of the house.

3. Resist Pure Radiance Skin Brightening Treatment

This is a unique blend of vitamins and plant-based ingredients that hydrates, soothes and revitalizes your skin. The lightweight, silky smooth lotion ensures effective absorption by the skin on the face and neck. It can also be blended into your sunscreen so that you get the wonderful benefits of this skin brightening treatment as well as sun protection.

How to care for the neck and chest

Start neck and chest skin care early. If you wait until you see visible signs of aging on these areas, the damage is already done and it’ll be tougher to reverse it.

1. Use the same skincare routine and quality products

Start treating the neck and chest as extensions of your face. Just like how you’d cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the face, your neck and chest areas should receive the same tender, loving care. The quality skincare products that you use on the face should also be used on the neck and chest. There’s really no need to use separate products for your face, neck and chest. The only time you’ll need to use separate skincare products on those areas is when you need to target different skincare concerns like dry skin or acne.

2. Use sunscreen on your neck too

The neck is often exposed to the sun. Yet, it’s the body part that we often forget to slather sunscreen. The skin around the neck is thinner and more susceptible to sun damage, so a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 and greater should be used. If you’re afraid that the stickiness of regular sunscreens will mess up your clothes, using lightweight moisturizers with SPF 30 and greater on your neck will also offer sun protection.

3. Anti-aging boosters

An anti-aging booster is a specialized product enriched with a single ‘star’ ingredient that works in tandem with an advanced combination of other powerful ingredients to bring about more effective anti-aging results.

Paula’s Choice Skincare Anti-aging Boosters is a potent range that are formulated to specifically target wrinkles, dull skin texture, spots and other visible signs of aging. Their lightweight texture also ensures fast absorption into the skin to work their wonders.

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster: this vitamin c serum contains a high 15% concentration of pure vitamin C that’s fantastic for brightening skin as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So you can revel in a more radiant and youthful complexion (and neck) with continued use.

Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster: hyaluronic acid is a superstar ingredient in this anti-aging booster. It pumps up moisture content and maintain its balance in your skin, making it remarkably smoother, supple and younger looking. Sounds like what dry, saggy skin around the neck needs!

Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster: retinol is a form of vitamin A that is vital in improving collagen and elastin production in the skin, allowing the skin to regain its suppleness and firmness. This light, fluid booster is also outstanding in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles as well as brightening and rejuvenating tired-looking skin.

Paula’s Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster: this is a concentrated blend of antioxidant-rich plant-based oils that nourishes and soothes dry, flaky skin. Its silky-smooth texture is perfect for gliding onto your chest or in an upward sweeping motion on your neck. Pamper every part of the body with this luxurious oil booster.

Neck-friendly lifestyle habits

There are some really useful and simple-to-achieve lifestyle habits that could make a difference between a youthful-looking neck and a turtle neck.

  •  Apply moisturizers, sunscreens or lotions in a gentle upward sweeping motion. This not only massages the neck for more effective absorption, it also helps to counter the downward pull of gravity.
  • Stop staring downward at the computer, mobile phone and other electronic devices. We’re all too guilty of this. Prop up your computer monitor so you’d be looking up or straight ahead instead of staring down. When surfing on your mobile phone or devices, try to hold them at eye level as much as possible. These little adjustments in daily life will go a long way towards delaying the onset of those dreaded folds and wrinkles on the neck.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Do the “kiss the sky” neck exercise. Throw your head back and purse your lips as if kissing the sky. The subtle action of pursing your lips lets you enjoy that extra upward lift of the skin on your neck. This effortless exercise which you can do as frequently as you like is one of the simplest ways to maintaining a beautiful, wrinkle-free neck.

Nobody needs to live with a turtle neck. Start taking care of your neck like you do for your face today.

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