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How To Remove Dark Spots On Face For Men

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Regardless of your ethnic background or skin colour, eventually most of us will struggle with some kind of brown or ashen pigmentation problems. The primary, if not exclusive, cause of these spots is sun damage. No matter when or where these spots show up, chances are good that you want to get rid of them.

What Causes Dark Spots?

Skin pigmentation problems occur because the body produces either too much of not enough melanin. Excess melanin production is caused primarily by chronic unprotected sun exposure or by hormones (for female, particularly during pregnancy or from taking birth control pills).


Treating Dark Spots Begins With Sunscreen!

Without question, the first line of defense is sun-smart behaviour, which means avoidance or, at the very least, careful exposure to UV light, and daily use (365 days) and liberal application (when needed or reapplication) of a well-formulated sunscreen.

No other aspect of controlling or reducing skin discolorations is as important as being careful about exposing your skin to the sun and using sunscreen SPF30 or greater, that includes the UVA-protecting ingredients.

Using effective skin-lightening products, exfoliants, peels or laser treatments without also using a sunscreen will prove a waste of time and money.

Scary But Important Fact:

One hour of unprotected sun exposure can undo months of progress with a skin-lightening product.

You have to be willing to commit to avoiding further sun damage.


Skin Lightening Options

Plant extracts and many types of vitamin C also have research showing them to be effective for inhibiting melanin production.

What To Expect When You Begin Using A Skin Lightener

“Maximum improvement requires a commitment to using these products regularly.”

The obvious expected result from using a skin lightener is for the dark or brown spots to get lighter. It is even better if they fade completely. With once- or twice-daily usage, you can reasonably expect a well-formulated skin-lightening product that contains proven ingredients to progressively lighten your dark spots. Some people do see results sooner, but maximum improvement requires a commitment to using these products regularly.

As stated earlier, what you shouldn’t expect from a skin lightener is for it to work if you continue to expose your skin to UV light. Sun protection is a key part of lightening dark spots and preventing new ones from developing.


Why You May Need More Than One Skin-Lightening Product

Even if you’re using one of the best skin-lightening products and being diligent about daily sun protection, you may not see much, if any, improvement in your dark spots. It is because some discolouration are rooted deeper in the skin.

What to do?

Consider seeing a dermatologist for a series of light-emitting or laser treatments, using a prescription product, or having a series of chemical peels.  But before you make an appointment, consider adding a second or potentially, a third lightening product to your routine.

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