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Origins of Paula’s Choice

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Established in 1995

Paula’s Choice Skincare has grown to be a well-established an reputable brand of effective skincare products. Here at Paula’s Choice, we have a dedicated team of researchers to ensure that only the best and most effective ingredients go into every Paula’s Choice product.

How It All Started

“Everything we write and the formulas of all our products are based on diligent research into the results of scientific studies.” 
— Paula Begoun

The founder and now best-selling author of various books on skincare, Paula Begoun, began struggling with eczema and acne at age 11. Growing up, the numerous skincare products that she had tried were ineffective in treating her skin concerns.

At the age of 25, she realised that an ingredient of a skincare product that she was using contained acetone – the common ingredient in nail polish remover! It occurred to her just how ill-informed many consumers are about the ingredients that go into skincare products and what those ingredients actually do to treat their skin concerns (if at all). It was this incident that Paula began reading all the ingredients in her skincare products and finally assembled a skincare routine that transformed her skin.

“This commitment makes it easier for you to cut through the hype so you can make informed decisions about the best way to take care of your skin and its unique concerns.” 
— Paula Begoun

Paula wanted to help others who are struggling with persistent skin concerns find the best products for their skin – products that are non-irritating and effective. She began to share the research that she had done over the years in books and TV appearances to inform consumers about various ingredients in different skincare products which actually work.

In 1995, she started the Paula’s Choice Skincare line at there request of thousands of readers. Using her expertise on skincare ingredients, Paula and her team formulated effective and non-irritating skincare products that work, even for those with sensitive skin.


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