Acne is a common skin problem faced by not only teenagers but adults as well. Because they are varying types of acne, you need to be aware of the specific acne problem that you are facing in order to use the right treatment.

Thankfully, all types of acne, if treated early will prevent scarring. By using the right treatment techniques and routines, acne problems can be solved and easily kept under control.

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Even with the tons of studies that are being done, the exact cause of acne breakouts still remains unknown. However, research has narrowed them down to a group of several factors and watching out for these would definitely reduce the frequency of your acne breakouts
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Unlike normal pimples, cystic acne are large painful breakouts that happen deep in the skin. If not treated promptly and with the right methods, they can linger for years and also affect large areas of your skin. If you suspect that you have cystic acne, it is importantly to quickly take care of it. Use these methods to properly take care of cystic acne before it becomes a bigger problem.
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For the body, the basics of fighting breakouts apply, but you may need to opt for stronger formulas, as the skin of the back and chest is thicker than the face. Start with the basics—a BHA exfoliant that is optimized for the skin below the neck, like our Clear Acne Body Spray with 2% Salicylic Acid. Packaged with a spray top that works from any angle, this BHA exfoliant is loaded with potent anti-inflammatory ingredients, dries quickly, and is strong enough to treat body breakouts.
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