Excessive Oil Production | Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Excessive Oil Production

Oil produced by the body helps to keep the skin healthy but oil produced in excess certainly does cause some problems. To make matters worse, some products that claim to get rid oil actually aggravate the skin and produce a more oily shine!

Oily skin is harder to control because it is something that you are born with. Coupled with other factors like daily activities, the weather and also hormonal changes, it can be tricky to handle. Find out more about the tricks to caring for oily skin and also the proper routine you should use to keep oily skin under control.

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Oily skin is almost always the result of genetically determined changes in hormone concentrations in your body. The hormones responsible for oil production in skin are androgens. When the androgens create a balanced and healthy amount of oil sebum, it has incredible benefits for your skin. If too little oil is produced by the oil gland, it can be a problem. Likewise, if too much oil is produced, you end up with a host of skin woes!
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Excessive Oil Production

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