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Is The CALM Line Best Suited For You?

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The CALM line was formulated at a time when most products did not attend to sensitive skin. The classical skin types dominated(and continues to dominate) the product lines available, and sensitive skin-type people generally got the most watered down and ‘safest’ options. With an extensive history of our customers indulging in the Clinical line for their sensitive needs, many users preferred a common line differentiated by type that provided all the goodness of ingredients in the former categories. That welcomed the CALM line.

What does the CALM line do?

The Calm Redness Relief line was specially formulated for people with sensitive skin. If you experience undesired reactions, such as tightness or redness, from using a topical product, chances are you have sensitive skin.

While all the products from Paula’s Choice are formulated to be non-irritating and contain no alcohol/fragrances, the products from the Calm Redness Relief line contain optimum concentrations of ingredients that are gentle and work to reduce skin inflammation. As compared to other products from the other Paula’s Choice lines, the Calm Redness Relief line has a greater amount of anti-inflammatory ingredients that aim to reduce factors which causes persistent redness.

The products from the Calm Redness Relief line contain skin-repairing ingredients such as glycerin and ceramides, as well as anti-inflammatory plant extracts. These ingredients work together to strengthen the skin’s barrier, reduce inflammation and offer additional anti-aging benefits!

Advantages of Using CALM

  • The CALM Line is specifically designed for those struggling with persistent redness and/or extra-sensitive skin. Its combination of soothing and repairing ingredients plus anti-inflammatory plant extracts chosen for their gentleness makes it a perfect formula to reduce facial redness while fighting signs of aging. The formula is suitable for all skin types, including those prone to breakouts or those with rosacea.
  • Transit seamlessly from the older Moisture Boost and Hydralight Lines
  • Works great for Children, too!
  • The CALM Exfoliant also enables people with sensitive skin to regularly inculcate an exfoliant into their routine, without having to deal with irritable peels
  • The whole set can be used together or separately with other items, too!

Who Should Use CALM?

There are two broad ranges in the Calm Redness Relief line are; Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily. Choose which cleaner, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen work best from you depending on your skin type!

If your sensitive skin is also dry or flaky, choose the Calm Redness Relief products for Normal to Dry skin. If your sensitive skin is also oily or appears shiny, choose the lighter-weight Calm Redness Relief products for Normal to Oily skin.

If you have combination skin (oily T-zone and dry skin on other areas such as the cheeks), the lighter-weight Normal to Oily line would be suitable for you as well. You may also opt to couple the products with hydrating boosters for the drier areas.


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