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Why You Should Never Buy Skincare Products In Jar Packaging

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The ingredients most beneficial for your skin are not stable, which means they won’t be effective if exposed to light and air, which is exactly what happens when you take the lid off a jar. There is also the issue of hygiene; dipping your fingers into a jar transfers bacteria from your hands into the product, and that causes the important ingredients to further deteriorate.

“The Most Beneficial Ingredients Are the Least Stable!”

Great Ingredients Protect Your Skin,
But They Need Protection Too

Antioxidants, cell-communicating, and skin-repairing ingredients can not only help prevent free-radical damage to your skin from sun exposure, haze and cigarette smoke, but also help repair that damage. Surprisingly, all of these ingredients are just as vulnerable as your skin. Once you open that jar you bought, you immediately compromise the stability of the anti-aging superstars it contains.

Choosing The Right Packaging

With most skin-care formulas, all that is necessary to protect the beneficial ingredients is a container that minimizes air exposure and keeps light, and your fingers, out of the product. A pump or airless packaging (meaning you can’t take the lid off) design or an opaque tube with a very small opening is enough to keep these important ingredients protected during the product’s lifespan, and allow your skin to reap the rewards.

You can find products with the type of packaging needed to keep the key ingredients stable throughout the Paula’s Choice line.


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