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Basic Skincare Tips for Kids

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Importance of Skin’s Health

Many people have the common misconception that adolescents don’t need to take good care of their skin just because of  their youthfulness. However, this sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth as everyone (regardless of age) needs to take good care of their skin and nourish their skin – just as everyone (regardless of age) needs to take fruits and vegetables to nourish their bodies.

The skin, the largest organ of our bodies, require nutrients and nourishment just as any other organ in our body does. The skin benefits from many different important compounds such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants which all help to maintain the skin’s health.

Useful Tips

1. Use Sunscreen Liberally

Most children love to play outdoors, which is great and keeps their bodies in shape. However, when it comes to playing outdoors, few children understand the harmful effects of unprotected sun damage and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from it. It is important for everyone (both young and old) to liberally use sunscreen and protect their skin from sun damage. Remember! Sun damage is cumulative; don’t wait for your child to grow older and experience harmful side effects from overexposure to the sun before you start encouraging them to apply sunscreen!

2. Use A Gentle Cleanser

Adults and children alike are exposed to the air, pollution, and dust. A gentle cleanser helps to thoroughly clean the skin, which water cannot wash off on its own. A gentle, non-irritating cleanser helps your child maintain clean skin – regardless of how much time he/she spends playing.

3. Use A Daily Exfoliant

Adolescents, especially in their teenage years, experience fluctuating hormones which causes them to suffer from acne more than adults do. It is important that your child takes extra care to minimise the clogging of pores. To do this, your child can simply use a daily exfoliant, containing BHA, to help unclog pores.

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