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Top 3 Skin Care Travel Tips When Traveling Out Of Singapore

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A relaxing vacation is great for escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, the stress that comes with packing for the trip, adhering to the multiple regulations when it comes to travelling to your destination and ensuring that you look your best on your well-deserved vacation may seem overwhelming. Fret not about your skin on your travels! Here are a few top tips to help you look your best with minimal effort!

Tip #1: Streamline your Skin Care Routine

There is no need (and probably no space in your luggage) to bring your vanity table’s worth of skin care products on your trip. Streamline your facial skin care routine to only the essentials: a gentle cleanser, an AHA or BHA exfoliant, a moisturizer with SPF, and a treatment serum or nighttime moisturizer.

Transfer your skin care products into approved travel-sized containers rather than carrying the full-sized products or purchase travel-sized packets of those products. Paula’s Choice is one of the few companies that sells travel-sized packets of almost every product we sell. However, do not transfer products that should not be exposed to air into smaller containers. Products such as antioxidant serums and moisturizers should be left in their own packaging to keep their ingredients stable.

Leave your facial devices, scrubs and body oils at home – they are not essential products. Use your facial AHA or BHA exfoliant where required on your body and leave your separate AHA or BHA body exfoliant at home.

As important as it is to minimize the size of your skin care products for convenient travel, do not stinge on your sunscreen! Sunscreen must be applied liberally and regularly on all exposed skin when you are in the sun to prevent sun damage.


Most hotels provide decent shampoos, conditioners and body lotions.

“However, it is not recommended to use the facial-care products provided by the hotel as many are overly-fragranced and may be poorly formulated.”

Tip #2: Use Multi-Tasking Products

Conditioning shampoo can be used as shampoo, body wash and a makeshift shaving cream in the shower. Alternatively, pack a moisturizing body wash that can be used as shampoo as well.

If you need your make-up, pack multi-tasking make-up products, such as lip products that can be used as blush and eye-shadow palettes that can double as brow filler and eyeliner. Unless you are wearing water-proof mascara, your facial cleanser can also function as your make-up remover.

Similarly, pack make-up foundation powders or creams that contain SPF. Alternatively, you could pack a tinted moisturizer with SPF. When it comes to sun protection, do it in multiple layers, especially if your destination is sunny. In addition to your daytime moisturizer (with sunscreen), layer on a foundation with sunscreen as well. This way, you will have ample protection from sun damage and still look good on your trip!


Tip #3: Do your Research

What is the climate like at your destination? Depending on the climate, you may need to pack more of certain products, such as sunscreen or moisturizer, or adjust your skin care routine. Similarly, the purpose of your trip could also determine the products you need to bring.

“Get rid of the extra weight and buy it upon arrival instead!”
Can you get the skin care product that you need at your destination? If you can, consider buying it upon arrival at your destination rather than packing it in your luggage.

If you are staying at your destination for a while and your must-have product is not easily available there, you can consider shipping your special items ahead of time. Order the products you need online a few days before departure and have it delivered to your destination! Just remember to check with and inform your hotel beforehand.

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